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A place to reconnect in the remote age.

A place to reflect and make new plans.

This is Monte Isola - the Workation Island. We are welcoming you in a little Italian village on an island - in a lake, sourrounded by green mountains. A wonderful and truly unique setting for teams and organizations wanting to create offsites, retreats, workations or leadership gatherings.

This magical setup allows for the creation of impactful experiences, for productivity, energy and trust - and a wonderful time :)


The charming village complex accommodates up to 150 guests in different distributed solutions, centered around an old castle complex and connected to the tranquil village life. This is not a standard hotel - each of our rooms is uniquely distinct, combining a chic hide-away feeling with rustic authenticity and stunning vistas of the surrounding landscape. We have both classy single rooms and spacious apartment Suites that provide an immediate feel-at-home sensation and safe space for the time of your retreat or offsite.

All residences are within walking distance, allowing easy access to explore the village's charm and the lake's beauty.



Whether it's for strategic planning, design sprints, or comprehensive training sessions, our meeting spaces are inspiring, open and versatile. We are offering both the intimacy for smaller group discussions in our breakout-rooms  and the capacity for larger gatherings in the Medieval Room, our main hall.

We provide flexible setup & seating arrangements that can be tailored daily to align with your agenda, a comprehensive suite of workshop materials and full tech support such as high-resolution screens, projectors, microphones, and flipcharts. And strong wifi, of course.


You can always transfer your workshop setup outside, into one of the historic courtyards, into our olive grove, to the pool or to the shore of the lake. 


Experience all the evergreens of the Mediterranean cuisine as well as genuine regional specialties. We serve three hearty meals a day, bringing your team together to enjoy all the good stuff that Italy is famous for. You will enjoy your meals with stunning views, setting the scene for good and candid talks. Also, one of the nice adventures we can organise for you is exploring the island's restaurants with your group.

Between sessions, we keep the energy high with a selection of fresh fruits and cookies, along with coffee, tea, and soft drinks, ensuring your team is refreshed and ready to engage.




There is a sense of adventure in the air here, which everybody gets carried away by. With the island's unique car-free environment, your team has the freedom to explore this extraordinary place via the scenic hiking paths that encircle the island or by hopping on a tour of the island by bike.​ Also the lake invites you to connect with nature. Everybody can dip into the water or check out the vast and mysterious lake on a boat-ride together. Hike to the magical sanctuary of the Madonna della Ceriola, offering breathtaking 360-degree views of the lake from atop. And swing by for a visit at a 14th century fortress while another part of your group will take part in our yoga classes.

And what's a visit to Italy without cooking, wine and party? Participate in our cooking classes and wine tastings. Learn about wine production right at the source, at a vineyard. And have this wonderful festive night that everybody will remember! Our retreat management team is on hand to guide you through these and many other possibilities when designing the experience for your group.